We invite you to the art exhibition of the young author Dijana Kovač, on March 4, 2023, at the Liberland ARK Village in Apatin, starting at 7 p.m.

Dijana Kovač from Apatin, graduated from the “Sveti Sava” High School in Sombor, majoring in clothing modeling, where she is currently studying at the Faculty of Education for the fourth year, majoring in teacher education.
She recognized her love for drawing for the first time in high school, and since then, until today, she expresses her attitude most often through the line, which proved to be the most suitable for her sensibility and temperament. Diana’s drawings are refined, full of control, but also calm, which for the artist is the essence of creativity itself.

She approaches her work intuitively, in bursts of pure inspiration, and they have a meditative and relaxing effect on her. She finds the most common motif in mandalas, which clearly reflect their symbolism in her understanding of the world and existence.

After the exhibition, starting at 9 p.m., a party will begin with electronic music performed by Tijana Kabić from Sombor, as well as her colleagues Filip Janjić and Luka Tubić a.k.a. Stereo Cloud.

When asked what she enjoys and how she likes to perform the most, Tijana once answered: “I like a smaller, more intimate atmosphere and club parties, I like playing in front of a familiar, local audience, and again – it’s great to play somewhere for the first time, and to have a good feedback! It happened that I play in front of 30-40 people at a private party, mix all night long and people don’t stop humming, and on the other hand, playing in front of several thousand people was also a special experience for me.”

It’s not often we see the girls behind the mixing desk, so we’re eagerly awaiting her performance as an announcement for Floating Man Festival 2023…

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