R e n t a l s


Liberland and all the other most beautiful destinations on the Danube can be reached by water. You will need a “water taxi” for this. 

We can rent you a speedboat ride for smaller groups who like the wind in their hair, 

or a few ordinary boats for larger groups who like to enjoy and quietly observe nature in the traditional way as fishermen from this area do.


We also offer professional training in jetski driving, and for those who have a valid navigation license, they can enjoy and drive themselves to the nearby Danube islands.


Rent our sauna on the ARK lake and enjoy the beautiful sunset. We rent a sauna with prepared wood, and pre-heated, so your obligation is just to arrive on time and relax. You have full privacy, and we can prepare homemade appetizers and Liberland wine to order.

The treatment lasts 60-90 minutes.


15 eur FOR 2 PERSONS

20 eur FOR 3 PERSONS

25 eur FOR 4 PERSONS

Appetizers 5 euros per person


For lovers of rowing and quiet enjoyment, we offer our branded canoes, the work of a master from Apatin who studied the technology of production directly from the American natives. 

With a short rowing course, accompanied by our guide, you can go to natural locations that you will fall in love with at first sight.

Paddle Boards

Rent paddle boards for rowing in the Bay of Apatin, the surrounding Danube canals, or our ARK Resort lake. 

Enjoy water lilies, pond birds and exercise your biceps!


Rent bicycles for yourself and your family and drive quickly and easily to the nearby cities of Apatin and Sombor, where the famous European cycling routes EUROVELO 6 pass. 

Defensive dams along the Danube and the path around the nature reserve “Bačko Podunavlje” can provide you with unforgettable scenes of unique flora and fauna.


Another great way to entertain young and “old” children is to rent buggy cars, and with expert supervision, drive around the Ark Resort. 

We do not support the disturbance of nature and natural habitats of birds, but we have an original polygon with obstacles that can occupy the attention all day.


For all your celebrations and activities we offer you a certified drone cameraman. When you already enjoy the Danube and the Ark Resort so much, don’t forget to take unforgettable drone shots with you. 

Our cameraman has a drone shooting license and will provide you with a short training for those who want to try or see the environment from a bird’s eye view.

Of course, we also offer amateur drones for fun and learning, which will be a favorite children’s entertainment.