Date: 30.12. – 31.01.2023. (2 days)

Start 2024 with a big bang… rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready for great things. 

Begin the new year with a clear mind, an open heart and rejuvenated spirit. The last two blissfully restorative days of the year full of music, nature, self-care, healthy food, ice bathing, meditation, rest and relaxation, story sharing in front of the fire and making new friendships. This retreat will be an opportunity for you to have some quiet time, space and contemplation. Alongside the morning and evening programmes there will be space to reflect on the year passed and all the lessons learned before re-setting intentions for the new year ahead.

Relax · Recharge · Replenish · Revive

Price: €250 per person

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The number of places is limited to 12, considering the accommodation and the programme. A larger number of participants is possible for an additional fee.


  • 2 nights in 2 bed cabins on the Lake
  • 2 rich meals per day
  • Special Cake
  • Sauna and ice bath
  • 31.12. All inclusive New Year Party ticket (unlimited drinks and food)
  • Gift


29th Dec30th December31st December1st January
Arrival until 11:00Hiking / Fishing / WorkshopDeep sleep 😉
Lunch at 13:00Lunch at 13:00Lunch at 13:00
WorkshopChess with PresidentDeparture
ArrivalDiner at 19:00Diner at 21:00
SaunaSauna / Free timeNew Year Party!

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