Liberland President Vit Jedlička celebrates his 40th b-day on the 9th of September in Liberland itself. 🎉 The celebration will be dedicated to the settlement on the territory and the president’s birthday. The guests are invited to bring gifts that will be in use for the settlement of Liberland. 🎁 The capacity is limited to 150 people only. The event is invitation-only 🤫 – citizens and residents get an email with the invitation. If you want to participate as well, but you were postponing your e-residency application, now is the time!

How you can still get an invitation [seats are limited]:

1. Become an e-resident [register at liberland.org and request a residency card. Contribute in the required amount.].

2. Send an e-mail to rvsp@liberland.org with your name, asking for the registration link – it can only be obtained after you finish your e-residency application.


13.00 Lunch at Yacht House

15.00 Visit to Liberty Island

17.00 Visit to Liberland City Center

18.00 The party starts at the Yacht House

***We recommend arriving at Budapest, Osijek, or Belgrade Airports.

Support Liberland and contribute at liberland.org

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