We invite all athletes and dance lovers, especially ZUMBA, to come to the charity party at Liberland village ARK (Serbia) on March 11, starting at 7 p.m. You will be welcomed by a SURPRISE GUEST, a zumba instructor, who will move literally every bone in your body. At this party, you can expect a combination of different dances and aerobics, and we have plenty of space for all of you. The use of the sauna is free for all interested participants.

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Admission is free because ZUMBA is not just a simple party, but a perfect opportunity to be humane and help little DANILO BALAĆ (2016).

He is the third child and development went smoothly until the first year, after which his parents noticed that Danilo’s development is slower for that age, that he does not make gestures, does not respond to his name, has poor eye contact and does not speak.

After specialist examinations, he was diagnosed with epilepsy (G40.2) as well as a diagnosis from the spectrum of autism (F84.0), which combined with epilepsy further slows down his further development and recovery.

Danilo is involved in speech therapy and defectology treatments, attends a preschool institution. There is progress, but not enough. Danilo still does not speak.

What gives hope for progress are stem cell treatments.

The family is asking all humane people to help them according to their abilities.

He needs funds for stem cell treatments, speech therapy and defectology treatments, specialist and control examinations, laboratory analyses, treatments in a hyperbaric chamber, physical therapy, as well as travel and accommodation expenses.

For Danilo’s progress! Let’s be humane! Let’s help Danilo!

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