Floating Man Camp: MAY DAY

May Day is a European festival of ancient origins marking the beginning of summer, usually celebratedat at the beginning of May, around halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Festivities may also be held the night before 1st May, known as May Eve. Traditions often include gathering wildflowers and green branches, weaving floral garlands, crowning a May Queen (sometimes with a male companion), and setting up a Maypole, May Tree or May Bush, around which people dance. In this modern age, we usually laze in the shade and taste barbecues…

But, if you like the opportunity and want to visit ours, bring heirloom seeds with you from different parts of the world to exchange, to improve biodiversity and save seeds in this little green oasis. We are especially looking forward to the seeds of plants that repel mosquitoes, which would help us all. The weather forecast is ideal for you to sow your seeds and to lower the flower wreath into the water together.

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