Festival of gastro specialties “Art on a Plate”

Have you tried ajvar? Want to make it yourself? Yes, come and learn the Serbian recipe from the best grandmothers.

Make and decorate “Shopska” salad. Taste our homemade cheeses and wine…

In official cooperation with the Technical School from Apatin (Department of Tourism), we are establishing this Festival of Culinary Arts and invite all catering schools in Serbia and abroad to join us and encourage their students to show what they have learned. Likewise, we invite all individual amateurs who like to cook and decorate food to show their skills. Of course, we also invite all restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops to present the best from their menu, and treat visitors with their culinary specialties of choice.

Another sunny period is coming to our region, to the Ark Retreat, so we are preparing hard for a new picnic day for your family and friends. This time you will enjoy a gastronomic explosion of colors, tastes and smells. The “Feast on the Grass” starts at 2 p.m., and the ARK picnic area is open all day for you and your team to enjoy and prepare food.

We invite all of you to add a beautifully decorated plate of food to your taste and beautify our common table. The jury will reward those who make the most effort!

We invite you if you want to come in unbranded, traditional clothes and folk costumes to make beautiful photos that will travel around the world.

It will be a combination of domestic craftsmanship, old and artistic crafts on the one hand and global gastronomic trends on the other. We are establishing the Festival with the desire that in the coming years it will expand and become international in character, where visitors will enjoy different cuisines of the world, here in Apatin on the most beautiful shores of the European Amazon.


  • Instead of the registration fee, all participants are invited to bring and display their delicacies for tasting to other Festival visitors.
  • The jury, made up of tasters and professional chefs, will evaluate and award valuable prizes for culinary skill, artistry, innovation and for nurturing tradition.
  • In addition to the plate (board, tray, bowl, jar), it is allowed to attach a glass of drink, cutlery or some other decoration (flower, candle…) for the purpose of photography, on a maximum area of ​​50x50cm.
  • There are no restrictions, so literally everything is allowed from food and drink: fruits, vegetables, cakes, ice creams, chocolates, dairy and meat products, main dishes, appetizers, soups…
  • Dishes are taken back immediately after the judging and awarding of prizes. We are not responsible for dishes not collected by the owner.
  • If you want to sell your products, you are welcome just contact in advance the Organizer at phone number: 0038162/8559947.

Saturday, September 24 / from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Announcement of the winner at 3 p.m.

ARK Retreat, Apatin / visit.ll.land


  • Competition of the most beautifully decorated dishes and treats
  • Tasting of sweet and savory delicacies
  • Market of small producers
  • Exhibition of handicrafts and domestic crafts
  • “Feast on the grass” – lamb,
  • Music and entertainment for children and the whole family
  • Local gastronomic specialties (cooking ajvar!)

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