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Getting There Directions

  • Coming via Croatia? The nearest crossings Bogojevo and Bezdan are at your disposal, or take the highway from Zagreb to Belgrade via Batrovci crossing.
  • Coming via Hungary? At the Horgos I border crossing, 6 lanes are always open during the busiest times, and the Kelebija, Horgos II, Backi Breg crossings are also used (this crossing can only be used by passenger vehicles) that work 24 hours a day, while the alternative with Hungary is the crossing. via Bački Vinogradi, Bajmok (this crossing is used only by passenger vehicles) and Rastina near Sombor, which are open until 19:00.
  • Coming from South or East? Van transport Belgrade – Sofia (Bulgaria) takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes, and to Istanbul (Turkey) about 12 hours. If you are coming from Kyiv (Ukraine) to Sombor (Serbia) by car, you will need 17 hours.
  • (SRB) from Bezdan or Apatin

  • (CRO) from Batina or Osijek

  • Belgrade – Sombor

  • Budapest – Sombor (Subotica)

  • Viena – Sombor (Subotica)

  • (HUN-SRB) Budapest – Subotica – Novi Sad – Sombor