Date: 12.01. – 14.01.2023. (2 days)

Start new 7533/2024. in serbian liberlandish balkan style… rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready for great things. 

Old Serb calendar or Kolodar is by year count one of the oldest calendar in the world, even older than Jewish one. Serbs celebrate 7533rd year since “creation of the world” (Great flood). This calendar was also used in other lands around the Europe. Last country which officially used this calendar was Russia, however it was abolished in time of Peter I The Great. Calendar was also wrongly named by west as “Byzantine calendar”. It wasnt their calendar, becuse in 988. year, by order of Emperor Vasilije II, this calendar was put in use in Eastern Roman empire and Serbs used it long before that. We still believe, love it and count years at least in such special ocassions like this.

It is so unique and how you can miss good party to… Relax · Recharge · Replenish · Revive

Ticket price: €250 per person

Buy ticket now: market.ll.land

The number of places is limited to 10, considering the accommodation and the programme. A larger number of participants is possible for an additional fee.


  • 2 nights in 3 bed cabins on the Lake
  • 2 rich meals per day
  • Special Cake
  • Sauna
  • 13.12. All inclusive New Year Party ticket (unlimited drinks and food)
  • Gift


12th December Friday13st December Saturday14th January Sunday
Arrival until 11:00Hiking / Fishing / WorkshopDeep sleep 😉
Lunch at 13:00Lunch at 13:00Lunch at 13:00
WorkshopChess with PresidentDeparture
Diner at 19:00Diner at 21:00
Sauna / Free time7533 – New Year Party!

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