Liberland Anniversary Cruise

Every year at the beginning of April, Liberland organizes a traditional cruise on the Danube from Budapest (Vienna) through Liberland to Belgrade. These are unforgettable sunrises and sunsets that will relieve you of all worries and stresses. The Danube releases a good mood and has a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

Well, you guessed it, places are always reserved in advance, considering that the program also includes a tour of this unique crypto state from the 22nd century. 

During your trip to Liberland, you can also access it with the help of virtual reality in the metaverse, or take a speedboat ride and have lunch on one of our houseboats.

Floating Man Festival

Every year, Liberland organizes a festival that brings together freedom-loving and crypto-loving people around the world. 

Good music, homemade food, and family friendly fun, attract people to this unique event in honor of Freedom. 

August is always reserved for this event which can enrich your stay if you are planning a vacation in this area. However, the number of seats is limited, and it is good to book your ticket in advance!

Before and after the Festival, we organize team building expeditions around Serbia for all adventure lovers.

Weddings, betrothal and bachelor parties

It happens that marriage is not an important item in the lives of our guests, but when they fall in love, under the influence of the Danube waves, they want to perpetuate their decision, and that is where our Captain takes action.

And many want to celebrate the silver, gold and platinum wedding anniversary in an unusual and beautiful place.

Whether you really want to step on a “crazy stone” (in front of a real Liberland registrar), or you just want a fancy photo shoot (drone, video footage), here is our Wedding team to brighten up your event. We plan your wedding from start to finish, everything else during the first wedding night and honeymoon is up to you.

Photo Shoot

We have a few great photographers who can make your visit a real magic. If you want us to organize a photo shoot for you on the lake or on the boat, please contact us in advance because we have organized sessions every weekend, in all seasons. 

Our photographers will discreetly accompany you and your loved ones, and will help you with tips on how to get unforgettable memories. 

If you are organizing a party in our Resort, do not miss a good photographer, because it is as valuable as at least two good parties.

Freedom Bike Race

If you are a fan of cycling, consider visiting ours at the end of August, because that is when the 77-kilometer-long international bicycle race between Osijek and Sombor takes place.

Bicycle route the Pannonian Peace Trail is 80 kilometers long and connects the towns of Osijek (Croatia) and Sombor (Serbia). The route stretches through some of the best preserved nature areas on the Danube River including Kopački Rit and Special nature reserve called “Gornje Podunavlje”. The bicycle route in Osijek begins on the right side of the road heading north – directly beyond the road bridge over the Drava River. The starting point in Sombor is located in Batinska street. 

The aim of the Pannonian Peace Trails is to connect people, preserve natural and cultural values and lasting development in the Danube region. While on the route, one can enjoy local cuisines, traditional handy-crafts, cultural and historical points of interest, boating, horse carriage rides and photography opportunities among others. The bicycle route and the Osijek – Sombor Pannonian Peace Trail, is the third cross-border peace bicycle route in the world.

Nomad Gastro Course

During your stay with us, we can organize training for you to cook various Danube and Balkan dishes, as well as a visit to local food producers where you can learn from experts. 

You can choose from the traditional offer of dairy and meat products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, or something completely different in the form of raw food, detoxification, paleo diet, chrono diet. 

Or you just want to learn how to make some of the local unique delicacies. Our expert associates will help you successfully change your diet during your stay if you want better health.

Horse Riding

Horseback riding used to be an integral part of human life, and not by chance. Horses are intelligent and beneficial to human health. 

If you do not know how to ride, we will provide you with a teacher who will give you basic lessons. 

If you don’t want to ride, then groom him, feed him and pet him. In both Sombor and Apatin, we can help you enjoy these wonderful creatures.

Fishing & Hunting

We will be happy to organize fishing lessons for you because the Danube and the canals are rich in fish. And if you are a hunter, then don’t forget the permit, and we will direct you to a guide through the European Amazon.

Special Nature Reserve “Bačko Podunavlje” surrounding Apatin. The area is rich in water, animal and plant life. It is suitable for forestry, hunting and fishing. There are impassable forests, wetlands, as well as a rich hunting and fishing areas which present challenges for hunters and fishermans. 

This area is extremely rich in fish that show us the archaeological findings which testifies that as early as the Bronze Age man hunted fish in the swamp and the river in the area. Flooded areas of the special nature reserve, which affects approximately 5560 hectares, is a natural spawning by about 50 species of fish, among which the most important are indigenous species such as carps, pikes, perch, catfish etc. Often catches trophy specimens, particularly catfishes, which tend to be over 30 kg heavy.

Old Fisherman Evenings

Both Sombor and Apatin, as Danube settlements, have an old tradition of fishing and enjoying fish specialties. During the summer, that rich experience turns into unforgettable manifestations, in Sombor at the end of June, and in Apatin at the begining of July

We recommend that you visit us during this period and we can enjoy together because Liberland has its own reserved table every year. 

You will experience a beautiful festival atmosphere, local music, make your own first fish stew in your life, learn to play “kolo”, and meet local craftsmen and artists.

Sombor 25th of June

Apatin 7-10 of July

Wine Tours

You can literally enrich your stay in Liberland with wine tours and tasting local wines. And only on special occasions, as the local customs dictate, wine is accompanied by RAKIYA as an aperitif or antidepressant. 

We offer you special wine evenings and courses where you can learn a lot about wines in a short time, and even gain a sommelier’s title and recognition. 

Get to know the rich vineyards of Bačka and Baranja.